We support our client in boosting resources performance through continuous education

Digital Empowerment

We help companies convey, renew, increase and monitor knowledge

eLearning represents a distinctive element in companies that wish to manage the continuous training of personnel efficiently and effectively.

The approach

The methodological approach to designing, developing and managing training processes, combined with technological skills, allows all the actors involved in the process to be reached simultaneously, providing results that are updated in real time and allowing full sharing.

The Value of Training

The use of training in companies has acquired fundamental importance and eLearning is just one aspect of the broader, complex training process.
It is therefore a tool that allows training to be provided to users, while the methodology is the means to promote training courses that can make a difference in the organizational system.

Solve.it’s Offering

Solve.it’s eLearning area comprises 20 senior professionals with specific skills on training processes and the management of dedicated services, in support of the HR area and the sales network.


We don’t restrict ourselves to managing LMS platforms. Rather, we manage all aspects of training by designing and developing online courses, using storytelling and gamification methodologies.


We meet Client needs, proposing the appropriate tools for each user scenario, creating video pills, WBT (web base training) and highly interactive Assessments.


We offer our skills to create attractive and engaging content, developing online courses with 3D components and Augmented Reality technology.

Reasons to use an LMS


The use of an eLearning system allows companies to have a tool that, when integrated into its business processes, can facilitate individual professional development and increase the skills present in the company.


In addition to allowing the dissemination of training courses by differentiating the training proposal based on the professional profiles of the users involved, an eLearning system (LMS – Learning Management System) manages certification mechanisms, which make it possible to measure the specific knowledge of users with pre-established frequencies and to resort to remedial courses to fill any gaps that may have been detected.


Solve.it has gained many years of experience in managing support activities for users of an LMS (Learning Management System) system and has acquired all the skills relating to the technical/functional processes that are integrated and configured in the workflows of an eLearning platform.

The Partnership

April 2021 saw the beginning of the partnership between Solve.it and Cornerstone OnDemand, the market-leading HCM platform, which has allowed us to launch targeted certification paths and to create a Solve.it practice dedicated to this technological platform.

We power the engine of your corporate learning system.