Operation Center

We enable users satisfaction by continuous improvement of IT support processes

IT Infrastructure & Operations

An Operations Center dedicated
to the End Users of our customers

At the Solve.it operations center, we provide attentive and competent support at the service of end-user customers, ranging from the resolution of problems on productivity environments to the provision of assistance and the execution of operating procedures.

Our Operation Center Services

The support services provided by the Solve.it operations center offer customers a personalized experience and are tailor-made to solve problems quickly and optimize support activities. Customers, advised by our staff, who are highly experienced in the provision of IT services, can identify the support option that best suits their needs through the use of digital tools and supported by analyses and by automations aimed at reducing the systematic reproduction of manual processes.


The goal that guides the specialists at the Solve.it operations center is to exploit services as a driver through which to transform critical issues into opportunities that fuel business growth and as a tool to combat the cliché that often views services as an expensive benefit.

Our priority is customer efficiency

In this historical moment, in which most of the activities are carried out on the move using digital tools, companies increasingly turn to the IT department to obtain support, with consequent increases in time and resources and considerable increases in costs, not only direct, but also derived, since user downtime spent waiting for a problem to be resolved represents inefficiency.

Our Approach

Solve.it benefits from twenty years of experience to guide its customers through the process of continuous improvement of IT support services, in order to guarantee an increasingly positive user experience involving the reduction of response times, providing customers with an advantageous balance in the relationship between cost and service quality.


Operating standards at the service of productivity