IT Infrastructure & Operations

Data Center Services

Client Case

  • A multi-service company (gas and water) which is the sole operator in the field of Integrated Water Services.
  • Founded following the merger of the PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles groups, it comprises fourteen automotive makes. The group has production sites, either owned or as part of joint ventures, in twenty-nine countries located in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
  • Geographic area supported by central Italy

Regarding the various IT services, the company has adopted a strategy based on Hybrid Cloud and the guarantee of service continuity (DR & BC) for the delivery of said services.

The Infrastructure Solve.It team performs a coordinating role in the design and implementation of the entire project.

The opportunity arose and matured over the years thanks to the established technical background and managerial experience of Solve.It specialists.

Following an accurate assessment of the existing applications, Solve.It, in agreement with the customer, drafted guidelines regarding the implementation of IT infrastructure in Hybrid mode (located at two data centres 400km away), processes and necessary configurations, in order to guarantee Business continuity and disaster recovery services.

In particular:

  • Assessment
  • Architecture & infrastructrue design
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery process
  • Security
  • Capacity
  • Go-Live
  • AMS of databases
  • Infrastructure implemented on time and on budget
    • Performance optimisation
    • Guarantee of business continuity


  • Efficiency
    • Harmonised processes
    • Standardised reporting
    • Technology observatory
    • Innovation