People Change Management

We help organizations overcome resistance to change

Digital Empowerment

We help organizations overcome people's resistance to change in the company

We promote changes in companies, processes and information systems that involve people in the organization, facilitating their acceptance as an opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Skills provides methodological skills in the field of People Change Management, acquired on multi-year training rollout projects, for the project management of organizations engaged in start-up, change and development processes, carrying out business processes re-engineering and rationalization activities, as well as the development of human resources in the ICT field.


The dissemination of a new information system requires the use of a method, aimed at helping end users accept the change. To successfully manage change, it is necessary to govern communication, training and support activities, which make it possible to respond to the different needs of the users involved.

The objectives
of a Change Management project


Ensure appropriate
communication and involvement
of all users on specifications
project activities that
impact them.


Ensure users have the ability
to operate with the new System and
the new procedures.


Verify the new
way of operating out in the field, collecting
feedback from users.


Provide users with timely responses to doubts/insights by setting up a specific support group.


Ensure appropriate communication and systematic updates on the progress of project activities to the key people involved in the change process.

The Phases of the Process



The quality of change processes also depends on the ability of the organization to communicate for which objectives, in what way and in what time frame the change will take place to all those involved. Communication plans, road shows, demos, etc. are always included in our projects.


The methodologies for the analysis of training needs, the design and management of training, in particular on technological content, are crucial to guaranteeing the quality of learning. Our consultants use these methodologies effectively. Our consultants use these methodologies effectively.


Change often requires training to be carried out with on-the-job support and advice in line with people who change processes and procedures. It is therefore necessary to know how to intervene in "production". The projects managed directly on the sales networks and on the front ends guarantee this significant know-how.


In our projects, we set up instruments to detect the change in progress right from the start, measuring learning and detecting what the recipients of the change interventions perceive of the changes in progress.The success of a change activity can be measured using the appropriate method and instruments.


In order to manage change activities, we structure a repository that includes all the relevant information: data on the impacted architecture, related supply times, interventions carried out and the results of training. Rollout monitoring is just-in-time.


We ensure the direction of change projects in the organizational and technological fields.

We transform changes into opportunities