Legacy System Virtualization

We make your legacy systems young again


We know how to virtualize your legacy systems using standard hardware

The problem

There are still many applications that were developed on hardware platforms that are no longer available and commonly referred to as “legacy”. Solve.it is able to virtualize legacy systems in an industry standard environment by repositioning the operating system, any environmental software and applications on a new “industry standard” hardware platform without the need for modifications. The service is aimed at all customers who have legacy applications on the Digital-Compaq-HP, SunMicrosystem or HP PA-Risc platforms.

The Stromasys Solve.it Partnership

Solve.It is the sole Premier Partner of Stromasys in Italy

The solution

Conceptually, this solution allows the creation of a virtual machine capable of executing the instructions of the legacy machine on a host system with a Windows or Linux operating system.
It is a Hardware emulation that is independent of the operating system and the layered products used. The solution was developed by a Digital Engineering group and certified using the same certification suite used by Digital Engineering when a new VAX or Alpha model was released on the market.
After having built the virtual machine, specifying the resources of the CPU, RAM memory, disk type devices and tape, if necessary, it is possible to proceed with the installation of the operating system and layered products using the original kits or they can be repositioned by means of a copy of the system disk and the disks containing the data. In practice, the repositioning of a complex application in a standard environment has the same complexity and requires the same time as replacing a legacy system with a new model of the same hardware.
The solution is completely legitimate and is recognized and fully supported by both HP and VSI (VMS, TRU64), as well as Oracle (SUN). Any software support agreements can be moved from the physical machine to the virtual machine. All the products and applications on the physical system will be available in the virtual environment, with all their features. Cluster solutions also work and are supported.

The project

The provision of the service is typically configured as a fixed sum project that includes the analysis of the legacy environment, the identification of the target configuration, the installation of the emulation product, the execution of the migration, the training of the customer personnel and assistance in launching the new infrastructure into production.

A virtual machine capable of executing Legacy machine instructions