Managed Security

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IT Infrastructure & Operations

Our offering includes both technological and organizational services in the Cyber Security field

Security is the fundamental element of all operational and design phases that allows you to operate while protecting and safeguarding company information and systems.

Classification of information

Knowledge of the types of data that are part of your information assets has become a necessity for companies. This allows the implementation of an adequate level of protection according to criticality, current legal regulations and international standards (ISO 27001).

Our consulting support concerns:

The definition of classification model of customer data according to types that identify the level of importance and confidentiality

The implementation of a process that allows the organized and continued management of the Classification of Information (Risk Management)

The approach adopted


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is necessary to identify potential problems related to the company information system. The vulnerabilities, risks and impacts related to every company asset need to be estimated. is able to carry out the risk assessment of all company information assets, providing an organizational and technological overview of the risks associated with the company information system, subsequently analyzing the critical points and planning their removal in line with company needs.

Training and security awareness

The dissemination of knowledge applied to company policies is the foundation of information security. Training is necessary to complete adaptation to the laws on Privacy. designs training courses  aimed at a specific topic or on information security in general, both in the form of seminars and Webinars/WBT.

ISO 27001 compliance

The ISO 27001 Standard comprehensively defines the guidelines that every company should keep in mind to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of its information. is able to assist companies during the certification phase of their Safety Management System, combining the necessary services and skills.

Log Management

The ISO 27001 standard defines the logging & monitoring criteria required to analyze security incidents and carry out any forensic analysis that may be deemed necessary. In addition, the analysis of the logs allows any trends regarding fraudulent activity or attempts to access critical systems to be monitored. provides consultancy support for the design, implementation and management of environments for tracking activities in accordance with recent regulations (e.g. System Administrators) and "compliance" with the ISO 27001 standard.

We analyze the vulnerability of your company and find the best solution to protect it