Augmented Reality

We deliver improved user experiences for better delivery of technical contents to sales representatives

Applied Innovation

Come and experience the technology that allows you to interact with virtual objects in the physical environment. The result is engaging and, above all, effective.

AR, or Augmented Reality, is a technology that allows you to superimpose interactive virtual objects and content onto the environment around us, amplifying the sensory experience through the digital world.

The user experience

AR objects allow you to create engaging experiences, changing the way we work, communicate and undergo training, and can be further enhanced when used with other emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Fields of application

The use of virtual technology is transversal to every sphere of business and area of the company and allows you to create new operational and experiential scenarios, including marketing, sales, training, production and testing.

The adoption of Augmented Reality
creates new scenarios and new opportunities

Thanks to augmented reality, the digital world becomes part of the real world and follows us everywhere, overcoming physical limitations and putting us in step with a new way of working, which requires an agile and flexible approach.
The result of applying AR goes beyond what the five senses perceive, allowing you to explore objects that are not physically there and to use animated and interactive procedures to understand how to perform maintenance or guided learning procedures.
This change of scenario creates new opportunities and generates a significant boost to efficiency, cost reduction and the effectiveness of each intervention, providing all the tools and information necessary to carry out any operation in real time, connecting people digitally and, consequently, improving business results.
Today, most companies are investing in innovation and the development of tools with immersive digital technologies, which represents one of the main challenges to meet the need to carry out their activities quickly, restricting the number of errors and increasing efficiency.

Partnership e Brand

The projects carried out using this technology are the result of a partnership with a company called Custom 2.0, with which we have created a joint, dedicated Brand.
We promote the potential of AR technology applied to Training and Maintenance
We introduce the creation of the Brand dedicated to our AR projects

Using Augmented Reality
for Maintenance interventions

Adopting AR tools allows you to support business and operational processes, simplifying and improving daily performance, internal training of departmental users and management of processes by Managers.
Efficiency and compliance with KPIs can be achieved by keeping track of the interventions carried out using digital AR tools, which, by expanding a detailed data archive, allows the definition of maintenance and predictive strategies.
Augmented Reality technology comes to the aid of manual maintenance operations in the industrial, testing and plant engineering fields. It plays a fundamental role in supporting interventions, reducing the operational times of interventions, the risk of injury and the need for in-person training.

Using Augmented Reality in Training

Training dynamics benefit from AR technology, allowing you to explore and navigate the inside of complex digitized objects and transform the training experience into engaging, unpredictable gaming.
Augmented Reality technology allows you to carry out training sessions on industrial plants, mechanical components, hydraulic, electrical or any other type of systems, simulating their dynamics and behaviors.

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