Industry 4.0


Client Case

The company operates all over the world as a lead contractor, system integrator and “turnkey” supplier of mass transport projects in the railway and underground sectorsPresent in: Central-Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Western Europe and North Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific
Implementation of Maintenance systems in the Railway and Metropolitan (CMMS) sphere to create MMIS systems (Maintenance Management Information System)Integration of IOT signals using the CMMS system for preventive and predictive maintenance (SCADA, ATC, etc.)Implementation of “system consistency” through a census of the assets that make up the railway/undergroundConfiguration of the chosen COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) Software
Thanks to personnel certified on Assets & Maintenance Management COTS Software, such as IBM Maximo Application Suite and Berger-Levrault Carl-Source, and with the expertise gained on international CMMS projects, we are able to:
  • Design the CMMS solution starting from the project specifications and requirements (PTS, RTM)
  • Produce design, interface, test, use, maintenance and training documentation
  • Configure the “system consistency”
  • Configure the entire preventive, predictive, intervention and automatic maintenance cycle from events and measurements taken in the field
  • Create interfaces for the field, towards specific integration layers and towards systems, such as SSA (System Service Availability)
Railway system safetyA rail system in «great shape» can prevent breakdowns that can cause delays and injury to peopleGreater efficiency in the maintenance and tracking processesManagement
    • of interventions
    • of teams
    • of the spare parts warehouse