Digital Empowerment

UX ServiceNow Portal

Client Case

An international company specializing in broadband satellite servicesIt offers satellite capacity and services for video and data applications to businesses and public administrationsThanks to dozens of satellites, the company operates in 150 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America
Following the implementation of ServiceNow, the challenge was to support its adoption by users of the new Portal, simplifying its operation and improving its usabilityThe fundamental requirements expressed by the Client regarded the following improvements:
  • user experience: making navigation, the management of intervention reports or requests for company assets simple and intuitive
  • design appearance (Look & Feel)
The Project focused on the analysis of 4 scenarios of specific use:
  • HomePage for End User and Approval users
  • Service Catalog
  • Request entry
  • Consultation Request
Through the creation of specific mock-ups for each scenario of use, it was possible to highlight both the optimization of the operational sequences and the Look & Feel component based on the corporate brand bookThe design and development of the new user interface mainly used out of the box components, with the aim of facilitating updates dictated by the continuous evolution of the ServiceNow platform
Change management
  • Availability of an easy-to-use, immediate and intuitive tool for all users in the organization
  • Increased operational effectiveness
  • Alignment of the graphic layout with the corporate identity
  • Reduction in the time needed to create/manage/monitor requests